A physiotherapist’s review of MGcream

There is a large number of products available on the market for regeneration and relief. Take a look at MGcream and its benefits through the eyes of the professionals who use it every day in their work. The reference below was provided by Mr. et Mgr. Miroslav Dlhoš, PhD. - a knee joint specialist.

Which patients did you use the cream on?

In our physiotherapy centre Rehabilica we primarily work with patients who have recently undergone surgery or a specific medical procedure. These are patients from surgical centres and surgery and traumatology departments of hospitals we work with. We started using this unique magnesium cream formulation do address swelling, soreness and erythema.

What has your experience with it been like?

The clinical response to applying MGcream has shown that swelling and erythema are absorbed much faster. This also applies to surgical scars. After applying the cream they become more supple and pliable, which allows us to achieve movement in the joint system sooner. The joint movement range, which is fundamental to the recovery process, also increases. This is important because when a patient arrives to us, the first thing the surgeon or specialist who has completed the prodecure expects of us is to achieve mobility..

What effects does the cream have?

Due to its properties, composition and purity, we are able to reach greater joint mobility much faster and the cream also helps remove pain faster i.e. it has an analgesic effect and if better tolerated by the patient. These effects show themselves during various methodologies, manual techniques and exercises when we are able to perform them much faster and with reduced pain.

This is the basis of what we focused on when evaluating the effectiveness of the cream. We worked with operated patients and soon added post-covid, vertebrogenic patients who suffer from stress and subsequent response in the back muscles and spine. They suffer from reduced spinal mobility, and especially various inflammatory conditions in the facet joints between the vertebrae. In our centre, both physiotherapists and massage therapists have positive experience with using MGcream.

How do patients react to the cream?

From our first clinical experiences with recently-operated and post-covid, vertebrogenic patients, we have found that applying MGcream to the tissue in smaller amounts is much more effective. We were very surprised that applying even a small amount is enough to result in much better and faster healing. For example, in the case of a patient who is being treated with a knee orthosis and has reduced knee joint mobility, applying the cream makes it much easier to achieve a wider range of motion  with less pain in the joint once the orthosis has been removed. These are related factors, which are noticed by the patient notices and reports to us - "it hurts less" / I can walk better / it's easier to bend my knee". These are the clinical responses we need to know from him.

What treatment methods are used in the centre?

Throughout the process of working with a patient we use various methods. Our domain is combined therapy, wherein we combine several methodologies - both manual, exercises and those performed with an apparatus. In addition we now also use this cream, which was offered to us. It replaces conventional emulsions, which are composed of other ingredients and are not as purse as MGcream. 

How do you rate the cream's composition?

One of the most important advantages of this cream is its purity. If a small amount by chance gets into a place where the skin barrier is broken in a patient who is fresh out of surgery and therefore has not yet had the stitches pulled out, the scar does not become inflamed and the erythema does not form and increase. In fact, the opposite happens. We are therefore not afraid to apply it around scars and stitches. We have outstanding experiences with it.

What other devices do you combine MGcream with?

The Rehabilica Physiotherapy Centre is composed of a team of physiotherapists with university degrees. I work as a guarantor of the centre. In addition to the combination of individual therapies, we also have a variety of modern equipment available to us. This includes fourth-generation cold lasers such as MLS®, MiS® and also the Omnitron PRO- a powerful pulsed magnet. We use these devices in combination with MGcream to percutaneously reach deep layers of the operated joint or painful tissue. The clinical response from physiotherapists to this combination is truly excellent.


Mgr. et Mgr. Miroslav Dlhoš, PhD.
Knee joint specialist

He is dedicated to muscle diagnostics and has worked with top athletes for 25 years.

A graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Comenius University in Bratislava
and also of the Slovak Medical University.